Archmage Elenia Fyzkik


Dark of hair and tan of skin, Elenia is a beautiful human woman who appears to be in her mid thirties. Her pupils have a glittering, white cast to them, and a series of silvery veins thread their way beneath the skin under her eyes.

She is vain, enjoys her arcane power, and comments often on her great age (though she never provides an exact number). Enamored of luxury and drink, she is nonetheless very serious about her magical experiments and her library, a collection of works she both gathered and wrote, and is not unfair in her dealings with others if she finds them deserving of her respect.

Her tower is both home and testing ground; a series of obstacles winnows down visitors so that only those she deems worthy actually find their way to her.


Archmage Elenia Fyzkik has a loose affiliation with the College Arcanum in Valderin’s Gate, being one of a handful of magicians choosing to live in solitude, away from other magic users. Specializing in constructs, she maintains a tower hidden, quite literally, within the Kragspeak mountains inside the mouth of a cave, tucked behind the waterfall that gives Guldin Falls its name.

The adventurers encountered Elenia after meeting Ke’shin, who was tasked by the College Arcanum with discovering why communications with the Archmage Fyzkik had suddenly ceased.

Guarded by Galeb Duhr, animated armor and her steam mephit familiar, Elenia was trapped inside a huge diamond in the lowest level of her tower; a spell gone wrong in an attempt to infuse her aura with the eternally-lasting essence of the gemstone.

Fighting their way through her tower to reach and free her, the party was surprised to discover her gender, for, among the many mind games and puzzles required to enter the abode, she had also chosen to mask her identity through misinformation from her constructs.

Though weakened from her ordeal, she gifted the travelers with a variety of magical items and pieces of knowledge, in return asking for their aid in clearing her tower of enemies and tracking down the necromancer, Prulekai, who had infiltrated her tower while she was incapacitated.

Archmage Elenia Fyzkik

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