Archdevil. Lord of Hell and the Empire of Twins.


Asmodeus is known as the strongest, most cunning, and most handsome of all devils. He is handsome, a dangerous thirteen-foot-tall human with lustrous skin and black hair, his crimson eyes shining with internal power, his forehead crowned by a pair of small, sharp horns. Most often wearing fine red and black robes studded with black diamonds and fiery rubies, Asmodeus’ body is covered in bloody wounds sustained when he fell from heaven. These wounds slowly, excruciatingly ooze blood daily; the drops of his blood which touch the ground grow into powerful devils and demons.


Asmodeus, an archdevil, is Supreme of the Nine Hells. An ever ambitious and careful creature, Asmodeus has managed to retain his position for centuries of reckoning, many of the other archdevils. Asmodeus was lord of Nessus, the Ninth Layer of Hell, prior to his arrival on the material plane, though he was generally recognized as lord of all of his divine dominion of Baator.

In the Empire of Twins, Asmodeus is one of a pair of archdevils who rule from their obsidian thrones.

Known for his cruelty, ambition, and bloodlust, Asmodeus revels in the Imperial structure he has created. He and Bel came to earth in search when Bane stole the Tablets of Fate, hoping to profit from the gods’ sudden mortal vulnerability.

In order to make the transition to the Prime Material Plane, Asmodeus and Bel had to give up a fair portion of their fiendish power though, like all the denizens of Baator, they cannot truly die on this plane; they are merely returned to their plane of origin if ‘killed.’ A fair trade, in the eyes of Asmodeus, in return for the chance to take revenge on certain deities, and possibly even steal their power.

After the reported death of Bane Asmodeus and Bel decided to claim his portfolio of strife, setting themselves up as a the gods of a new theocracy. Their religion and empire demands that battle and blood sacrifice be attributed to them, to gain power, and their military arm is a meritocracy of blood and ambition. Stretching from the Crevasse in the north and spreading to the south, absorbing and conquering peoples as they go, Asmodeus has yet to direct his full forces against the peoples of the Fringe…but ask anyone in the Empire and it’s only a matter of time.


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