Archdevil. Lord of the first layer of Hell. Master strategist.


Crimson scales cover this large fiend, from its bestial head to its clawed toes. From its back spread great bat-like wings. Foul green venom drips from its teeth, sending up streams of smoke wherever it falls. Cinched around its waist is a belt of a dozen shrieking angel heads, their necks neatly severed by the massive flaming sword the creature holds in his clawed fist.


Bel is a pit fiend, the archdevil formerly in charge of Avernus, the First Layer of the Nine Hells of Baator. Cunning, cruel, and perhaps one of the greatest tactical minds of the Nine Hells, Bel is a rising star. Bel deals in treachery, double-cross, and ambush, using his keen mind to anticipate the treachery of his rivals.

As the master of the first layer of hell, Bel found his demesne under constant demonic attack. Serving as the buffer in the Blood War between demons and devils, Bel honed his tactical skills in countless centuries of war.

In the Empire of Twins, he commands the Imperial legions. Similar to Asmodeus, his presence on the Prime Material Plane necessitates a reduction in his power, but he is nonetheless a terrifying opponent.

Avoiding direct conflict, he prefers to scheme, ambush and sabotage before using crushing strength to deliver a killer blow.


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