Gnome, discovered a huge amethyst in Guldin Falls.


Bilsner is a prospector in Guldin Falls…and also one of the town drunks. After finding an enormous amethyst and partying for several days in a row, the adventurers questioned the veracity of his story in finding the fist-sized gem.

Drunkenly repeating the story of how he went east to the mouth of the falls and just found it in a boulder seemed…off, but the party was unable to determine anything special about the stone other than its unusual size. Cornering him after a bender and pressuring him resulted in a tale of, indeed, finding it in a boulder by the Falls…that then transformed into an enraged, man-shaped rock creature, missing one amethyst eye.

The group eventually took this amethyst from him, attempting, successfully, to return it to the galeb duhr, Guldin. After Asade’s ritual, Bilsner is seen leaving town with his possession, disillusioned with the town where momentarily found, and then lost, great wealth.



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