Legendary human warrior; Namesake of Harn's End


A legendary past warrior of great renown, Harn is the namesake of Harn’s End. It is said that in the infancy of the settlement, it came under attack by a small force demons.

Harn led the defense of the city, tirelessly beating back the fiendish assault. Finally, their forces nearly spent, Harn decided it was time to set a trap. He found a side-passage through the mountains the settlement was built into, and took the last of his warriors to the rear of the enemy forces.

Instructed to hide while Harn’s men led the demons away, the women and children of the settlement, then named Delonshire, huddled in the tunnels and caves. After three days, only one of Harn’s men returned, telling an astonishing tale. Harn and his men had managed to lead the last of the demons to a cliff. Harn had planted his standard at the top as bait, and when they rushed him, his men fell into them from behind, attacking them from the rear and in many cases, pushing them off to their deaths.

The man told the townspeople that, covered in blood and surrounded by fallen demons, Harn died of his wounds, a hero; they renamed the settlement Harn’s End in his honor, and vowed to redouble their defenses, remembering the lesson of his obstinancy in the face of great odds and hard-won victory.


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