Naive, cowardly, Jakob; the unenthusiastic guard of the outpost where you all met.


Jakob was young, had a family, and needed a job. Lacking the necessary ambition, ferocity and lack of morals necessary to get ahead in the Empire, he received a posting in the farthest outpost, nearest the Fringe, tasked with the collection and transfer of new bloodslaves.

Succeed and rise! Fail and fall…and Jakob couldn’t really fall much farther. When the outpost was attacked by a giant man and the three prisoner’s broke out and started killing his fellow guards, all Jakob wanted to do was curl up in a corner…and that’s just what he did.

Luckily for Jakob, he’d been saving a letter in his pocket to send home to his Maria, complaining about the job and describing his horror at what he was forced to do…and when the giant man confronted him, the note was enough to gain him sympathy. When last the adventurers saw him, his plan was to take the three bags of gold hidden in the outpost cache and make his way back to his family with the next patrol, hopefully then getting them to a mage near Fort Parnak for quick transfer to the Fringe and, hopefully, a new life.



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