The Shimmerspindle Family

Gnomish family. Guldin Falls.


The Shimmerspindles are a clan of gnomes residing in Guldin Falls. A large family, they run the local tavern.



Lamilla; grandmother, deceased. The matron of the Shimmerspindle family, she raised most of the children after their mother passed away. Seen by the community of Guldin Falls as the wheeling-and-dealing gnomish woman, she had a keen business sense and drove the economic success of the Shimmerspindle tavern, though she was too old to run it herself. She was captured by Imperials slavers while out on a trip to the Hinkelmann farm to inspect the year’s barley crop for beers. She was killed by a stray firebolt from Xarrai during the party’s daring rescue from the slave caravan.

Lanabelle Shimmerspindle; mother, deceased.

Tognik Shimmerspindle; father, tavernkeep, left knee crushed, spine twisted. Tognik sits in a strange contraption of a chair that can be hooked onto the chest of a human he employs to get around, or clipped to a railing behind the bar he can pull himself along with the aid of leather straps nailed to the underside of the bar. Once a scout for the Winged Patrol, he’s a bit more worldly than most in Guldin falls; of all the Shimmerspindles, it was easiest for him to accep this mother’s death. He understands the mistakes that can happen amidst combat, and that sometimes there are casualties you can’t control.

Togdale Shimmerspindle; son, the oldest sibling. Togdale lead his brothers and sisters in the raid on the party at the river. He can’t bear to see the state his father is in, and blames himself for the loss of his brother, Morkle. While he harbored murderous intent towards Xarrai, he seems to have made his peace with the tielfing.

Linabit Shimmerspindle; daughter, second oldest sibling. Linabit is constantly looking out for her younger siblings, trying to keep them in line. She cautiously went along with Togdale’s plan of banditry, but only because she couldn’t see any other options.

Milton and Stilbert Shimmerspindle; twin boys, they finish each others sentences, attack in tandem and are generally adorable. In the forest, it was Stilbert who ran into the woods and towards the goblin lights, into the owlbear cave.

Morkle; deceased; the worst-case scenario brother. Always super pessimistic and depressed…goes along with whatever Togdale wants, and is always taking care of their dad in the background. Sadly, Morkle was killed by an owlbear during the siblings’ ill-fated attempt at banditry in the forest. His death, and the way Xarrai avenged it, brought the siblings to their senses.

The Shimmerspindle Family

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