Vahn Stonesmile

Rhymes with "bone pile." Goliath paladin. Prone to violence.


8 ft. tall with grey-white skin and Goliath markings that form a second face on the back of his head. Dark, nearly black eyes. No hair.

Stonesmile wears chainmail armor over rough leathers and furs. On his back he caries a greatsword and a maul.

In manner he is confident, imposing, enthusiastic and generally friendly, but with an undercurrent of unyielding violence that becomes more apparent the longer one spends with him.


Kwan Tok PeiKwai-Vahn Stonesmile of the Sundered Watch Clan.

Son of Aukan Zo Katho-Vahn Skywatcher and Paavu Tai Peikwai-Laga Spearsister.

The Sundered Watch is a clan dedicated to Vengeance in the name of Hoar the Betrayed. The goliaths believe in order within the clan and life at Oathshome is regimented and precise. As a second son, my path was chosen from birth. I would be a travelling warrior and tool of justice for the wronged.

I embraced my role enthusiastically. I quickly became proficient in all manner of weapons. I learned the war drums so that I could help with the Naming ceremonies. At my own Naming the gods were so impressed with my strength and dedication that the very mountain cracked, smiling its approval for the entire Clan to see. During the trials my hammer glowed with divine radiance, and it was clear to all present that I was meant for greatness.

I descended from Oathshome Peak with the highest expectations of the clan on my shoulders and I intend to prove worthy of those expectations.

Vahn Stonesmile

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