Black Gorge

The Black Gorge is a feature of the land which extends south from the Char. Viewed from a single side it would be tempting to think of it as a cliff, but in fact it is of a size that spans a full week’s worth of travel, leaving the opposite side invisible at its widest point.

On the Eastern side of the Gorge, the giant canyon plummets down in a sheer drop. Despite how steep it is, a series of switchback stairs has been carved into the stone, leading downward. It is said that they were put there by a community of gold dwarves who have since fled the demon-infested territory.

At the lowest edge of the Char, where the Gorge splits the mountains ringing the blasted lands, a bridge spans the distance. Known as the Bridge of Souls, it was once of dwarven make, but is now maintained by the the Cabals.

At the bottom of the gorge it is rumored that all manner of demons might be found, as well as entrances the dwarven ruins. Demons blessed with flight often pass over the Gorge, seeking hapless prey.

Black Gorge

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