Codex Infernum


I. There are no gods but Asmodeus and Bel.

II. To rise is to succeed. To fail is to fall.

III. Your word is your bond. Breach of contract is unthinkable.

IV. Murder without cause is forbidden.

V. Unsanctioned theft is not permitted.

VI. The sale and maintenance of magical items is conducted via a permit.

VII. The sale of sentient property requires a permit. Theft or release of sentient property is forbidden.

VIII. Possession of Devil’s Blood by civilians is punishable by death.

XI. Metallic dragonborn are to be registered, and tracked.

X. Judgement for these infractions includes but is not limited to:
i. Being sent to the glorious Pits to fight for our Lords Asmodeus and Bel.
ii. Conscription into the army of the Empire.
iii. Removal of limbs.
iv. Death
v. The above mentioned punishments, applied to your family.

Codex Infernum

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