For those not from the Empire or Deadlands, word of Crawlers may have spread in the Fringe as a nightmare story used to scare children.

“Be good, or the Crawlers will come for you!”

Most have never seen one of these rumored beasts. For those who have, however, they are truly monstrous.

The necromancers of the cabal have a tidy arrangement with the Empire; guard against demons, and you can keep what you kill.

This tends to extend far past just demons, and the necromancer lords have taken all manner of beasts and creatures into their undead service to bolster their forces.

In cases where the transfer of prisoners is needed, however, a creature large enough to pull wagons of slaves is almost always more valuable in a combat capacity. To solve this problem, the necromancer lords pooled their magics to create something new; Crawlers.

Crawlers are similar to bone golems in that they are an amalgamation of parts…generally human or humanoid. Spare legs, arms, skulls and ribcages that were on other corpses too damaged to animate are magically welded together and given life.

These abominations are enormous, and are used to pull wagons constructed of more welded bone. Less intelligent than most undead, they are docile unless attacked, and then unhinge themselves from the wagons.

Because of their spare-parts construction, Crawlers are more fragile than most other undead constructs, though they are still monstrous in size and take considerable damage to destroy.

They earn their name from their method of locomotion. When attached to wagons, the lower part of their body entwines into the bones of a wagon, curling around and locking, leaving only the upper torso and a plethora of arms still moving. They drag themselves forward on dozens of arms, skittering forth and pulling themselves across the ground; hence, Crawlers.


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