Dark Faerun

In Dark Faerun, the Time of Troubles never ended. The Godswar continues around you, unabated, and the forces of good are having a rough time. During the Time of Troubles, the gods were made mortal and vulnerable, albeit incredibly powerful, and as a result some of them are now dead. Some have had their portfolios, their areas of influence, taken over by other gods. Some portfolios sit open, an essence waiting for another god or mortal to become powerful enough through worship to take up the mantle. Other gods have dissolved their single, powerful avatar and chosen instead to hide themselves throughout the land in variety of ways.

When the gods were made mortal, it had a significant effect on Faerun. Divine and Clerical magic CEASED to function entirely unless it was performed within about a mile of its god. During this time, many paladins and clerics suddenly found themselves powerless, and the forces of evil pressed the advantage relentlessly. For 500 years the gods warred, evil spread and the high fantasy world of Faerun began to take on a dystopian air. While some divine magics remain in use, either near the avatar of their god or claimed by individuals who have found pieces of those who scattered themselves, the goodly magics are far rarer. The magics used by evildoers…however…have found a way to thrive.

In Dark Faerun, many of the places that high fantasy adventurers were once familiar with are gone, or their names have changed. Societies have fallen and new empires have risen. In your corner of the world, specifically, you can find:

The Empire of Twins
The Deadlands
The Char
The Fringe

Dark Faerun

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