Druidic Enclaves

Druid Enclaves are places of vibrant life, anathema to the undead of the Deadlands. They are often dichotomies, bright green oases that suddenly and sharply end amidst a sea of undeath or browned, dried lands.

Favoring numbers, rather than names, for their Enclaves, the druids of the Ark do not often venture out, preferring to tend their homes and see to their slow expansion. When attacked, however, their fury is unbridled and unrepentant.

When they do leave their verdant homes, it is to seek out pairs of magical creatures to return home with, creating suitable habitats tailored to their needs and encouraging them to breed. Often these creatures are employed in the defense of the Enclave should the need arise.

Many common folk don’t know what to make of the Enclaves. Seen as a welcome buffer against the Deadlands and parts of the Char, they’re also viewed with some annoyance due to their utter conviction in the superiority and importance of their crusade for nature. The druids of the Groves view the Enclaves as selfish, and their methods as contrary to the proper course of nature; contrived, unnatural. While both groups see themselves as Champions of the natural world, they rarely get along.

Druidic Enclaves

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