Empire Slave Caravans

The Empire ever hungers for blood, and when criminals or the failed do not suffice, the twin devils demand additional sacrifice.

It is known throughout Dark Faerun that these exist, though the details are often known only to those unfortunate enough to be a part of them, or seen by members of the Empire while they deliver their ‘goods.’

Prior to conquering a region, scouting parties of soldiers are often send into the surrounding countryside to gather up foreign peopls and creatures to make the long trek back to the Empire; the strongest, to Portuus itself.

These caravans vary in size and military strength, but for larger groups often contain at least one cadre of soldiers, multiple necromancers, and Crawlers. Sometimes beasts move alongside instead of in cages, kept under control by mages who have studied some small natural magics to keep them in check.

Empire Slave Caravans

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