Fort Hanzur


Fort Hanzur sits at the edge of the Black Gorge, just north of the Bridge of Souls. Larger than most Imperial Outposts as far East as it is, Fort Hanzur is home to a dedicated mining operation. Minerals are not their objective, however.

The Fortress stands atop an abandoned colony, previously home to gold dwarves, that runs down the sides of the chasm. The fortress was built to harvest these ruins for magical items, similar to other Imperial fortresses elsewhere in the Empire.

As the sale of magical items is strictly controlled in Empire lands, they are constantly seeking to increase the might of their forces by raiding ruins or other cultures for their magics.

Hosting three tall towers, guard walls and multiple barracks, assaulting Fort Hanzur would be quite the accomplishment. Built to withstand demon attacks from the North, it is a difficult assignment, and one of the few places so near the Fringe that is not considered a punishment detail. Instead, the forces inhabiting this stronghold are fanatical in their devotion to the Empire, and the Twins, and see it as their duty to defend and expand the Imperial borders at all costs.

Fort Hanzur

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