Fort Parnak

Fort Parnak is the most remote settlement of the Empire, located just off the Deadroad, and is the only full-sized empire settlement to be within the borders of the Deadlands.

Fort Parnak is, thus, the center for commerce and trade coming west from the Deadroads, carrying goods to the necromancers, prisoners from the Fringe, and trade from a variety of directions. As this hub, it is an important cog in the logistics wheel for the Empire, and is of special importance to maintaining the alliance between the Twins and the Cabal.

It maintains the standard quadrant setup, with the fort itself located in the center.

The southwest quadarant is a farming district, located just far enough from the Deadlands border that it can be used for growing food, and is actually separate from the city itself, being connected by a road of several miles.

The southeast quadrant is the trade district, slave auction and garrison. New acquisitions from the Fringe and captured monsters from the Char are housed in iron cages, there, with the barracks on hand nearby to guard them and officiate their transfer back to the Empire.

The northeast district is the working district. Blacksmiths, tanners, cobblers, and all manner of other artisans ply their trades here, close to the barracks south of them.

The northwest district houses Imperial civilian familes, as it is symbolically closest to the heart of the Empire.

Reception of honored guests, diplomacy, trade and justice is all conducted at the fortress in the center of town. It all houses the officers of note and there families, including the Imperial Inquistors who enforce the laws of the Empire and make rulings.

Fort Parnak

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