The Empire of Twins

The Empire of Twins inhabits the western coast of Dark Faerun, spreading north toward the Crevasse, and south and east toward the Deadlands. Two Archdevils, Asmodeus and Bel, sit in twin thrones of obsidian overseeing an empire of ambition.

Prone by nature to making deals, these two fiends seized power in the vacuum left by the death of Bane, god of hatred, fear and tyranny. The two have been quite vocal about his demise and their claim to his portfolio.

In the Empire, ambition fuels expansion. When most divine magic suddenly ceased to function and during a period when arcane magic became unpredictable (a situation which, for the most part, has since righted itself) the two devils began to offer their fledgling followers power in exchange for their allegiance.

Conquering up and down the coast, the Empire instituted a Codex Infernum, the laws of hell, to govern their new territory. Naming a number of activities illegal, the punishments invariably consisted of either execution, torture, or doubling down on your allegiance and pledging your soul. As their Empire grew, this Codex was modified to send high profile or repeat offenders back to the devils’ seat of power to perform in gladiatorial games. Eventually these games came to be known as The Pits, and soldiers of the Empire now journey far and wide to keep the number of entrants flowing.

Over time, a true civilization began to foment from these barbaric beginnings, albeit a cruel one. After 500 years, the Empire of Twins is a meritocracy, where achievement ensures advancement, and punishment follows failure. As a devil-run militaristic society, Tieflings and half-breeds are considered the ideal, though anyone can gain the favor of the aspiring godling twins. Officers and elite soldiers are granted items of magical power or a concoction known as Devil’s Blood when undertaking missions in the name of Asmodeus or Bel. Upon their return they are rewarded according to the contracts they have undertaken…for better or ill.

Asmodeus and Bel continue to sit their thrones, their eyes ever watchful on the expansion of the Char, and ever contemplative of their loosely held alliance with the Deadlands.

The Empire of Twins

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