The Hand of Jergal

Jergal is an ancient deity, older than most of the gods of Faerun, and once laid claim to the portfolios of the Dead, Strife and Murder. As the aeons passed, though, he became bored with his divinity, and passed on an aspect of his portfolio to three mortals. Thus did Bane become the god of Strife, Bhaal became the god of murder, and Myrkul became lord of the dead.

Jergal, once Lord of the End and Everything, deigned to become the Seneschal of the Dead, cataloguing the souls of the lost as a helpful counterpart to Myrkul. Unable to complete his task effectively when limited to his own immediate vicinity, thanks to the Time of Troubles’ effect on clerical magic, he scattered his own bones throughout the land, carried by his priests.

The Godswar has seen the death of Bane, the disappearance of Myrkul and severe encroachment into Bhaal’s portfolio of murder; there exist a sect of necromancers convinced that the time has come for Jergal to take back all three of his portfolios and set thing aright.

The Hand of Jergal seeks to re-collect the bones of Jergal and summon him back to his true form, and then beg him to take up his power once more. They are actively blocked by the other necromantic cabals and, in part, by the Empire, which desired a stable Deadlands.

Crafty and single-minded in the pursuit of their goal, no crime is too great to see their ends achieved, though in addition to violence and theft, they’ve been known to pay a good price for any true relics of their slumbering god.

The Hand of Jergal

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