The Pits


Should you commit a heinous enough crime in the Empire capital city of Portuus, you’ll find yourselves in the Pits. If you’re a metallic dragonborn; worshippers of the old gods, terrorist, Wandering Fool; demon-touched; a failed soldier; enemy of the state; a debtor; an oath-breaker; a vagrant; you might find yourself in the Pits. In the Empire of Twins anyone can rise; the Pits are a reminder that anyone can also fall.

Designed as a blackstone coliseum surrounded by viewing towers for the elite to watch, the Pits are both the collective term for bloodsport performed in Portuus and the coliseum structure itself. Criminals and enemies of the Twins fight to the death against each other, soldiers, professional gladiators and magical creatures. Duels may be settled; punishments meted out; and every drop of blood spilled is dedicated to the glory of Asmodeus and Bel.

Beneath the sands and the crowds is a network of tunnels, housing prisoners, supplies and caretakers. An intricate and amusing system of governmental punishment, the Pits are both feared and revered by the local populace, providing entertainment and a blunt reminder of the price of disloyalty.

Many smaller cities also have an area for combat and blood dedication to Asmodeus and Bel that are also designated as ‘the games’; only the grand coliseum in Portuus has the honor of being referred to as ‘The Pits.’

The Pits

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