The Wishful Wanderers

Lone vigilantes, trekking across Dark Faerun, the Wishful Wanderers are the subject of both ridicule and respect. So named for their purported goal of finding a ‘wish’ with which to restore the world to its rightful order. Granted, during the 500 year period of the Time of Troubles…the phrase ‘rightful order’ has lost much of what it much meant.

Committing small acts of heroism (or vandalism, depending on who you ask) across Dark Faerun, the Wanderers are seen very differently depending on what side of the Char you inhabit.

In the Empire, they are known as the Wandering Fools, and are considered a terrorist sect of unbelievers. Members, when discovered, are nearly always taken in for questioning and then delivered unto the Pits. They represent a challenge to the Twins’ authority, and thus their beliefs are not tolerated within the Devils’ demesnes.

In the Fringe, the Wanderers are seen as hopeful, but doomed, fools. Their help dealing with monsters and bandits is appreciated, but their goal of finding a wish is poorly understood. The free peoples of the Fringe no only the life of the hear and now, and few, if any, remain who recall the old days. The Wanderers are often given shelter and succor in many of the Free cities and towns of the Fringe, but that aid is often accompanied by pity or confusion.

In the Deadlands, the Wanderers tread an uneasy relationship. Contracted by the Empire of Twins to contain the demons hordes of the Char, the cabal of necromancers controlling the Deadlands are not enemies of the Wanderers, per se, but those seeking the favor of Asmodeus or Bel may find themselves tempted to capture and deliver Wanderers to meander into their territory.

On the other hand, most Wanderers have a great respect for the necromancers who work to maintain control over their undead, keeping them from spilling out into the surrounding areas; some few Wanderers have even been known to partner with the necromancers to put down undead who refuse their masters’ domination.

The Wishful Wanderers symbol is a golden circle, broken by a cracked and winding road.

The Wishful Wanderers

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