Wishborne Citadel


Above Valderin’s Gate flies Wishborne Citadel, a floating island sporting several wizard’s towers. In the early days of the Godswar, the mages of the Gate thought themselves too vulnerable to attack, so a mage cadre enchanted a span of ground to lift into the air, effectively protecting them from any danger bereft of wings.

The Citadel boasts a long history of both helping to protect Valderin’s Gate and meddling in local politics, and their literal lofty position always serves to set them apart in the public eye. Traditionally, the Master Artificier, a title granted to the leading archmage in the Citadel, is granted a non-voting seat on the Gate council as an advisory position; in reality, he vies with the Padisah of Valderin’s gate in terms of decision-making clout. This stems from their ability to withdraw their magical support, and their regulation of the Skybazaar.

The Citadel itself is home to the College Arcanum, a institution for educating and protecting magic-users. Originally founded as a safe haven from the rampaging demon hordes on the ground, it evolved into a place of learning for the magical arts in direct opposition to the growing power of the The Necromantic Cabals. Necromancy is not considered profane by the College so much as untidy; the practice of animating corpses is uncouth, uncultured, and unworthy of a true practitioner of the magical arts. Great emphasis is placed on the schools of enchantment, abjuration and trasmutation governing wards, eternal guardians and constructs, and magical item creation. A lesser respect is paid to the evocation school, as it is generally associated more with sorcery.

Aside from buildings set aside for instruction and practice, the College Arcanum also maintains two unique spaces; The Great Library, and the Mystic Fane.

The Great Library houses stores of magical tomes, histories written since the Breaking by members of the Arcanum, and collected journals, maps and travel logs written by adventures either employedby or enrolled in the College. Access is normally restricted to members of the Arcanum, and special access is granted only at the discretion by an indiivual of Archmage rank or higher. Other ranks include, in order; Initiates, Acolytes, Masters, (Archmages) and the Master Artificier.

The Mystic Fane is a temple constructed to honor Mystra, goddess of magic. After the Breaking occurred, divine magic was dispelled and arcane magic briefly went, in the words of the famous Elminster’s great-great-grand nephew Archibald, “Wonky.” After a period of roughly a year arcane magic once again functioned as expected, but communion with the goddess was no longer accessible as it had once been.

The Fane was raised in an attempt to re-establish contact with Mystra and, failing that, to research just what in the nine hells had actually happened. The Fane serves both as a place of contemplation, familiar summoning and research, maintaining a separate smaller library devoted to recording “strange magical occurrences.”

Wishborne Citadel

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