Dark Faerun

Session 17: Debts, Shopping and a Plan

Exploring Jarren's Outpost

You woke up and tracked down the bookie halfing from the night before, seeking your money. Asking your bartender for directions you found the Bearded Bear, a tavern that looked more like a fortress than a place to grab a drink. Shady characters in maroon vests directed you ‘to the back’ where you found the halfing, beaten up, with 4 suspicious characters.

These characters got you your money, continued to beat the halfing, and when pressed on the issue of the magic ring, tasked Vahn with the retrieval of the sorcerer who was helping Grosk cheat.

On the way to find Lazarus, Xarrai wanted to hit up a shop for ingredients. He was directed to a mad alchemist lady whose shop was full of plants and animal parts. More than a little mad-hatter, she ran around huffing plant parts and licking animals bits until she’d managed to find a chemical balance and sold Xarrai some flasks and ingredients (that he later used to make healing potions). Asade bought herself a nearly impenetrable terrarium after Vahn displayed the strength of the material by attempting to smash the ‘glass’ countertop of the proprietor’s counter. Asade pulled out a bluedrop, a plant native to her home, that she wanted to place in the terrarium, and the mad alchemist became INTENSELY interested in the ‘Tear of Ascodel’ as she named it. She agreed to trade the valuable terrarium for a seed from the plant and a minor amount of gold. Asade, pleased, affixed the golden-shimmering blue flower globe to the end of her spear, where the fiend-hungry blade began to glow blue, instead of it’s normal orange. Outside the brainiacs of the group bumped heads to identify what the hell this ‘Ascodel’ was, and in searching their memory pulled up the lore of an ancient being, named Ascodel.

Ascodel was an eladrin, a type of celestial, and when Ascodel, then consort of Morwel, the Queen of Stars, was tricked into a pact with the demoness pale night, he doomed an entire generation of young eladrins to imprisonment in the Abyss. Before beginning a suicidal effort to free them, Ascodel fled through the planes in his anguish, shedding tears throughout the realms. Ascodel died trying to protect the eladrin children. Apparently this pretty little blue flower is named after him.

Next you guys tracked down Lazarus, the God of the Distillery. Heading to the Jarren’s residence in the center of town (and passing through a gigantic open market to do so) you found a line of people waiting to be served beverages next to a building just off the side of the residence. Faelar snuck in to grab Lazarus, and you all sat down to drinks. You persuaded Lazarus to get you in to see the Jarren, and he also explained some of his life as an indentured distiller, and the reason he doesn’t just leave (family problems to the west disrupting trade; as long as he makes the Jarren more profit from his booze than he loses due to having to close a route, the Jarren leaves his extended clan alone).

Various ways to approach the Jarren were discussed, and Lazarus keyed you in to him being honest, but exact to the letter on deals he makes.


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