Dark Faerun

Session 18: The Man in Purple Fled Across the City, and the Party Followed

"Vahn...the tiger said it wants vengeance."

In meeting the Jarren, Faelar took charge of the discussion and managed to convince the Jarren that a trader he’s oft-employed going around selling undead scarecrows that kill people would look bad for business. During the conversation, Asade discovered the Jarren’s daughter who was hiding nearby. The daughter made all sorts of cryptic, giggly, comments during the exchange. The Jarren delivered a general guess as to where Prulekai might be, but promised more exacting information if you returned the next day. After Asade thoroughly unmanned him with how impressive she was by comparison, the group acquired what amounted to an informal writ of bounty for the man in purple.

The group decided to track down the man in the purple robe, next, with the intent of delivering him to the Brotherhood of the Claw and fulfilling Vahn’s vengeance pact.

Vahn queried a merchant guard nearby as to where he might find hiring halls, and the group set out to the eastern side of the city. They found a dozen longhouses packed with hopeful recruits and job boards. Vahn and Xarrai hung back with Ke’shin’s body, while Ke’shin took to the air with his familiar, Faelar acted the part of the servant, and Asade the kitty explored the houses. Of the three, Asade caught a glimpse of purple robe in a back room, where she discovered a man packing spell ingredients into his bag before exiting a back door. Leaving, and following, she noted that a man who smelled identical to the one in the purple robe was heading away, now with black hair and a yellow robe.

The party followed him to an outdoor arena, where Asade perched on a fond guard’s shoulder and the raven perched on the open-air roof while the others caught up.

With the raven’s view, they spotted the man shed his magical disguise and join a group of other white-haired, purple-robed men, in drinking and watching a series of fights. The arena itself was round in construction, with tiered seating, vendors in the halls behind, and grated floors situated above cages containing men and beasts.

After Ke’shin sent the men in robes a round of strong drinks, the adventurers noted the passing of the magical ingredients to the man they were after, who got up, and headed downstairs to the cage floor. Vahn confidently followed, and the drunkards, too engrossed in a match on the sands, never saw the rest as they followed.

Among the cages the party saw a variety of prisoners; men and women of all races and consenting ages, gladiators by choice and circumstance, modified beasts and magical creatures. Xarrai saw a tiefling in tattered imperial garb, chained to the floor, in one case, while Asade saw a pair of axebeaks whose natural weapons had been upgraded with steel. Vahn found their target standing in front of what appeared to be an enormous, blue tiger, funneling a lightning spell through a ruby toward the creature.

They watched as the tigers muscles expanded, its eyes becoming fiercer. Ke’shin dispelled the lightning and the man in purple was set upon by several Hold Person spells. After verifying he was immobile with a whack to the jaw, Ke’shin stood aside and Vahn moved forward to bind him.

While this was occuring, Asade spoke to the tiger, asking if it wanted its freedom. After an affirmative exchange where she learned that the tiger possessed a keen intelligence, had been mistreated, and desired to return home, Asade argued its case with the group. They were…leery, of setting free a giant, lightning-filled, angry blue tiger in a city when they were still waiting on the Jarren’s information. Finally settling on “Fine, but you have to leave, you can’t kill anyone,” the tiger agreed to give up its vengeance…which Asade related to Vahn, who banished his last doubts and prepared to destroy the cage lock. Ke’shin moved in and used a Knock spell, instead, generating a loud knocking noise that temporarily silenced the arena and brought a single guard to investigate.

Vahn strode forward, be-robed man on his shoulder, proclaiming Jarren’s business, and the party informed the guard that the man they were carrying let loose a tiger in his escape attempt. Terrified, the guard ran back up to inform EVERYONE, causing a mass exodus that the group used to slip away, unnoticed, as Faelar made both the tiger, and Asade riding it, invisible.

Asade and Faelar accompanied the tiger to the forest, where it thanked them and departed, while Vahn, Ke’shin and Xarrai returned to the Bearded Bear. Inside, the vengeance pack was completed, and they learned that the man was, in fact, Nuck Valin, leader of the troop of battle mages. The leader of the gang tossed them the companion ring to the one used in the fight with Grosk. Having earned the respect of the Brotherhood of the Claw, they received drinks at the bar as they left, even Xarrai. The tiefling was granted a silent toast and approving nods, and the bartender gave him words of support, despite the town’s attitude toward his race.

The party returned to there inn for the night, preparing to see the Jarren in the morning.


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