Dark Faerun

Session 32: Modrons and More!

Tales of Rogue 5quadrone

After a night of partying and effort, the adventurers planned their journey to Jarren’s Outpost over breakfast. Confident in their plan to walk into the city first and attempt to free Lazarus peaceably, Ke’shin used a Sending spell to contact him. He discovered that Lazarus Is in considerably more trouble than they thought. A group of mages has apparently taken over the Outpost, and killed the Jarren. After the crown Xarrai helped forge was presented and Faelar expertly conducted an official coronation, the group set the newly-founded Kingdom of Many Arrows on the path to defending their borders, and headed
south to the secret grotto.

Finding a metal door with a single keyhole, they inserted the talisman of Gond and, after twisting it back a forth a dozen times, revealed an ever expanding ring of interlocking gears that appeared. Once the door was completely covered, a winch popped out of the ground nearby. Vahn put a strong arm toward turning it, and the entire door and the wall it was set into turned as though on a platform, carrying the group inside. Looking about, they found a long tunnel of plated metal and fanciful brasswork supports. Going deeper, they identified a locked vault door and a wall covered with gears, encrusted with stone over time, and a pedestal holding a metal globe, blazing with magic. Beyond, they sensed hundreds of magical traps. Pressing the talisman into the globe set inlaid brass lines and gears awhir, spinning faster and faster until the globe itself blew apart leaving a small brass gear behind. The gears covering the wall spun and interlocked and slowly folded into the vault door, disappearing, and their arcane sense of magical traps faded.

Inside they found a long drop into an endless pit of moving gears, chains spanning the open distance and a lever-activated bridge carried them across. Hearing the flap of wings they continued forward and were greeted by a group of strange creatures that the wizard identified as “modrons.” They appeared to be a mix of flesh and steel, with wings, appendages, eyes, and weapons.

“Are you followers of Gond?” asked the boxy modron in the lead.
Excited, Ke’shin replied, “Yes, of course!”
“Excellent!” the Modron replied, turning to it’s companions. “KILL THEM ALL!”


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