Xarrai the Blaze

Tiefling sorcerer. Charlatan alchemist.


The tale of Xarrai’s capture, as told by Xarrai:

So, i was a leader of the exiles, a merry band of raiders as ever there was, taking from the empire and giving nothing back. We decided to hit something bigger, juicier, and just plain more impressive. We were going to hit their outpost. I had a plan. I would dress up as an imperial officer, we had uniforms from previous caravan raids see? And on account of my race and devilishly charming smile, I was the best choice. So, I dressed up, and beat myself up a bit to pose as a survivor from one of our own raids! I got in, easy. Then the exiles attacked from the outside, as I made chaos inside. It was a beautiful plan, worked like a charm, right up until an unscheduled patrol stumbled on the battle. They killed my people to the last man. Kept me for questioning thinking I was an imperial officer, but the disguise didn’t hold long under close inspection, so I was imprisoned, probably slated for blood sacrifice….

Xarrai the Blaze

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