Dark Faerun

Sessions 19: The Wayward Caravan


The band of adventurers, having accomplished Vahn’s mission of vengeance, returned to the Jarren the next day. Bereft of a morning meeting with Lazarus, they walked straight to the Jarren’s audience chamber, seeking the promised information on Beddrick Moorstar and the Caravan of the Smiling Boar in the hopes that it would lead them to their supposed necromancer, Prulekai.

They found the Jarren scrambling on the floor amidst stacks of scrolls and ledgers muttering “It makes no sense!” repeatedly to himself. Looking up he engaged them, explaining that his information pointed toward Beddrick travelling not to the Grove southeast of Valderin’s Gate, but to a remote town west of Jarren’s Outpost named Lug River; the town Lazarus hailed from. Financially, it didn’t make sense.

The Jarren, shaken by his discoveries, conceded that perhaps their story of undead in his territory was not so far-fetched. He asked that they find the merchant, Beddrick Moorstar, and determine if he was involved in this undead incursion. If he was, they were to punish him as they saw fit, but if not, they should return him safely , as well as taking care of any undead. The group thanked him, reminded him that they were by no means under his authority, Vahn using his armor to scream that they were “under no contractual obligation” and headed out.

They briefly met with Lazarus and explained the situation to him. Lazarus gifted them his cog pendant, telling them that it may provide them a way into the city, though he could not vouch for what Lug River was like these days.

The group decided to head out first thing in the morning, and Xarrai used the evening opportunity to do a little alchemy, discovering the method for crafting Leprechaun’s Luck. K’eshin studied the pair of rings they’d gained during their last adventure.

In the morning, the adventurer’s left. The journey took most of the day, and they decided to camp for the night and enter Lug River when the sun was up. During the night the group was attacked by a lone, undead wolf, who nearly felled Xarrai.


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